Health Care Providers

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

Emotional intelligence has been found to be a critical success factor for both health care facilities and their staff. It reflects the ability to recognize and understand emotions and take appropriate action to satisfy them. Understanding how a patient or visitor feels when arriving at a health care facility is an important step toward providing an atmosphere of comfort and hospitality.


Understanding the Patient 

Research shows that patients have less anxiety and depression, and report a greater satisfaction with and adherence to therapy, when their physicians respond to emotional needs as desired. Yet, physicians often feel they have delivered great patient care while completely failing to listen to or understand a patient’s emotional state.

As the  emotional intelligence of hospital staff increasingly affects bottom lines and reputation, health care providers are fastening their focus on provider-patient interactions training their staff in emotional intelligence, social sensitivity, compassion and empathy. 


Wave-bands Support Providers and Patients

Emotional intelligence is a critical skill in the health care industry. Wave-bands support emotional intelligence by serving as a clear indicator of patients’ emotional states.

Patients and visitors at health care facilities can be offered to choose and wear the color Wave-band that reflects their emotional state. This bridges the gap in communication and simplifies the providers’ ability to recognize emotional needs. This helps providers open up conversations and approach each individual in a unique way corresponding to their needs.

Wave-bands create an environment of trust and understanding, enable meaningful conversations and strengthen the effectiveness of provider-patient relationships.

Wave-bands give courage

Patients’ and visitors’ ability to communicate emotions and feel understood increases the effectiveness of health care facilities and their staff.

The symbolism of Wave-bands bestows courage on their wearers to reveal their emotions and provides the opportunity to show emotions without embarrassment or infringing on their confidence.


Be heard

Hospitals can be intimidating environments for patients and visitors.

Wave-bands help hospital staff recognize patients’ and visitors’ emotions giving them the tools to effectively communicate, Wave-bands also help patients and visitors receive the emotional support they need without explicitly having to ask for it.


Feelings of inclusion 

In hospital environments, feelings such as loneliness and fear are commonly found among patients, their families and their friends.

Seeing other patients and staff members openly wear their Wave-bands and recognizing that they are not alone with their emotions provides a sense of inclusion and comfort.


Recognize emotional needs 

Anyone wearing or recognizing Wave-bands benefits from their display.

Wave-bands make it easy for visitors to recognize emotions of patients and are more comfortable and likely to engage with them.


Easy color coding

Nine gorgeous Wave-bands colors make the distinction between different emotions easy and fun!


Proactively engage 

Receiving unexpected support or congratulating wishes makes us feel valued.

Patients that have given birth, overcome a disease or completed therapy can proudly wear their golden Wave-band.

This gives people around them the opportunity to acknowledge them spreading the joy and pride.




Set up a Wave-bands jar in your lobby and encourage your patients to pick the color Wave-band that reflects their emotional state. This is a great facilitator for conversation! Being aware of your patient's emotions without having to ask, you as the provider, can engage with every individual according to their needs.