Our Mission

Facilitate emotional expression and communication with style.


In today's world we are often faced with an emotional disconnect and miscommunication between
  • teachers and students,
  • parents and children, 
  • health care providers and patients,
  • with our partner,
  • etc.

Our Vision

A world in which feelings are easily communicated, heard and understood.

How do we get there?

Many of us desire to be heard without speaking or being spoken to. We know, that others can't read out thoughts, yet, we want others around us to approach us the way we want to be approached.

Wave-bands are color coded bracelets/bands/ties that indicate emotions to the people around us. They are cute, stylish, fun to wear and allow us to show our emotions to the people around us in a subtle yet recognizable way.

Knowing how people around us feel, being aware of their emotional needs and of the support they might seek makes responding to them easy. Wave-bands minimize misunderstanding and increase our understanding of one another. With Wave-bands, we can give space when others need it, share love when they want it, and spread joy when happiness fills our hearts. 

Who wears Wave-bands?

Wave-bands are for everybody:

  • parents
  • children
  • students
  • teachers
  • doctors, nurses, counselors
  • patients
  • adults in any relationship
  • etc. The list is endless...